Our Vision

At Christian International Outreach Ministry we believe in uniting people from various Christian denominations, ethnicities and cultures to share and spread the gospel. We believe that it is in our destiny to be a part of the work of God in giving people the opportunity to hear the word and be saved, help families in the community with their spiritual and earthly needs and be a source of constant reminder of what Jesus did for us. Jesus came so that we might be saved and have abundant life and we would love for you to discover and live that rich life through a personal relationship with Christ.


In addition to encouraging and fostering your relationship with Jesus Christ, we also focus on building relationships with members of our community through charity and giving. The needs of the less fortunate are important to us and we regularly engage in faith based community activities as a way to learn about those needs and see how we can addressed them.


In our worship services, we focus on empowering people to become passionate about the Gospel of Christ and develop a desire to share it all over the world. We value relationships, so to us you are family and we all are a part of the family of God. We support you in going forward as God continues to bless you and use you for His glory.



Our Mission


The birth of CIOM is based on a need to provide a house of worship where people from diverse backgrounds can come together and unite in glorifying God and to develop a passion for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people of the world. It is important to us to cater not only to the spiritual needs of the world, but also to respond to the individual needs of people in our community through faith based community services.


Pastor Ricardo Brown, Senior Pastor of CIOM

I, Ricardo Brown, strongly believe that God’s calling on my life is to teach and preach the gospel to everyone with an ear to listen.


CIOM LogoIn the early part of 2006, God gave me a vision to start a ministry in Queens, New York. I did not know anything about starting a ministry, and the task of forming an international ministry seemed even more daunting. But God is not going to give a vision without providing the resources to put it together. People came into my life just for that season and we started out praying and fasting together every Tuesday night until we formed the Christian International Outreach Inc. We’ve recruited many members from services we’ve had right in my living room. Every summer we were able to organize and successfully implement a Back to School event where we gave out school supplies to children in our community; we also put on a Thanksgiving charity event every year where we provided food baskets to needy families. God has blessed this young ministry tremendously and we aim to do even greater works in the international community.


There are souls out there that need the word of God to save them and the help of a ministry to sustain them in their daily needs. I am given that call to go and tell them of Christ and his goodness and manifest the love of God in my giving and sharing. I now know that my destiny was set from childhood, even when I could not understand it, God had started training and preparing me since then for the work he has ordained for me to do, just like Jeremiah the prophet. I will honor his call to be a servant of mankind and to make his works known throughout the world. So, I and my lovely wife Dachka Brown and our three children Ayanna, Tara and Samuel would desire to have you at our worship service at Christian International Outreach Ministry.


God Bless,


Order of Service


Sunday 10:00 am Sunday School Kids For Christ


10:00 am Adults Class


Sunday Worship: 11:00 am


Friday: Prayer 7:30pm


"No limits, No Boundaries, but increase in Jesus name"

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Christian International Outreach Ministry

126-45 144th Street

Jamaica, NY 11436



Sunday Worship Services

are in-person at 3:30pm at our new location

126-45 144th Street, Jamaica, NY 11436


Tuesday Night Prayer at 8pm


Zoom Meeting ID: 828 5063 0402  Passcode: 634291




Wednesday Night Bible Study at 8pm


Zoom Meeting ID: 828 5063 0402  Passcode: 634291


Email: info@christianiom.org


Matthew 25: 40 "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

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