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Meet Our Pastors

Senior Pastor Ricardo Brown and Pastor Dachka Brown are the founders and lead Pastors of Christian International Outreach Ministry in Queens, NY since the start of the ministry in 2008. This ministry was birthed out of prayer and prayer continues to be what sustains it. They are both very passionate about winning souls for Christ and believe in the call of the local church community to help people grow and strengthen their relationship with God. It’s their hearts’ desire to reach their community, city and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ and spread the message that there are no limits, nor boundaries to those who believe, but that Christ has come with the increase of abundant life. They’ve been married since 2003 and live in Long Island, NY with four beautiful children. 

Pastor Dachka Brown is the director for the Women’s Ministry. Many women have given testimonies of seeing the fulfillment of the Word of God spoken prophetically to them by Pastor Dachka Brown after attending one of her dynamic women’s conferences. Pastor Dachka Brown is the author of the well-received publication “Mother’s Prayer Sceptre”, a twenty-one day prayer, fasting and devotional book published in 2015. Her second book “How to Get God Attention” was published in 2020. Join her every Saturday morning at 7am on her Facebook page Dr. Dachka Brown for prayer and a word.