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Pastor Ricardo Brown, Senior Pastor and Founder of

Christian International Outreach Ministry


Pastor Ricardo Brown is a native of the Caribbean island of Jamaica and strongly believes that God’s calling on his life is to teach and preach the Gospel to everyone with an ear to listen.  As a child in Jamaica, anyone who knew him would describe him as the boy who was always preaching, but what some may have viewed as just child’s play was the beginning of the training and preparation that God had started in him to become an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Brown migrated to the United States at the age of seventeen and was very active in youth, men’s, praise and worship and tract ministry at his local church. In 2006, Pastor Ricardo Brown got the call to start his own ministry.

He started a prayer group at his place of employment and they would meet weekly. Everyone in the group was from a different country, so God in his creative power, gave him the idea to name his ministry “Christian International Outreach Ministry.” In 2010, favored with wisdom and knowledge in all things construction and motivated by his vision, Pastor Brown converted a garage in his backyard into a beautiful sanctuary.  Pastor Brown used a tract ministry to reach out to people in the Jamaica, Queens community, which is how many people came to know of CIOM.

He takes the call to go and tell of Christ and his goodness very seriously, knowing that there are souls out there that need the word of God to save them and the help of a ministry to sustain them in their daily walk with Christ. He spent five years studying at the Greater Bethel Bible Institute and a year at the Manhattan Bible Institute. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, with his background in worship ministry and his passion for the Word of God, he has grown into a dynamic preacher who vows to honor the call to be a servant of God and to make the works of Jesus Christ known throughout the world. He has traveled to Jamaica, Canada, the Bahamas, and Panama spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and as the pastor for CIOM, continues to be a powerful prayer warrior and a faithful believer in the vision that God gave him for Christian International Outreach Ministry.


Pastor Ricardo Brown currently lives in Baldwin, New York with his wife of fifteen years, Pastor Dachka Brown and their four lovely children. He likes to draw, paint, and play cricket.



Dachka Brown: Mother, Pastor,

Educator, Author


Dachka Brown, born in Panama, moved to the United States at six years old. At the age of eight, she had a personal invitation by the Holy Spirit while hearing the Lord speak to her on a cold winter morning. At such a young age, she couldn’t explain it to her parents, but with much prayer, her parents honored the Lord and vowed to raise her in the fear of the Lord just as Hannah vowed to raise Samuel in the house of the Lord. She has walked in that calling since, truly believing that like Samuel, she has been given to the Lord to serve in his house for as long as she lives.


Dachka Brown co-labors with her husband as the Pastor of Christian International Outreach Ministry in Queens, New York, and is the Director of the Sunday School Ministry. She is also the founder and Director of the Women’s Ministry, a ministry focused on interceding through prayer for the lives of women and children and helping women give birth to their purpose for themselves and their children. Many women have given testimonies of seeing the fulfillment of the Word of God spoken prophetically to them by Pastor Dachka Brown after attending one of her dynamic women’s conferences.


Pastor Dachka Brown is a first-time author of the well-received publication “Mother’s Prayer Sceptre”, a twenty-one day prayer, fasting and devotional book published in 2015. She has had opportunities for speaking engagements in Delaware and New Hampshire as a result of the impact of the book, which has even been adopted as a coaching book for a youth ministry. People have visited Christian International Outreach Ministry because they have been so blessed by the powerful message of “Mother’s Prayer Sceptre.” Through the Facebook group “Mother’s Prayer Sceptre book devotion and discussions, Dachka has been able to reach people all over the world with the message of the importance of praying for our children. She conducts weekly prayer meetings on her page.


She received her Master of Science degree at the School of Education of Long Island University. Pastor Dachka currently works as a Special Educator in the New York City Department of Education working with children with autism. She practices American Sign Language and loves to travel. She has visited many countries including South Africa, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Canada, Mexico and various Caribbean Islands. She resides in Baldwin, New York with her husband of sixteen years, Ricardo Brown, and their four children: Ayanna, Samuel, Tara, and Lydia.



Mother's Prayer Sceptre: 21 Day Prayer, Fasting and Devotional Book by Dachka Brown M.S Ed. (Author)


"The need for a prayer and fasting 21 day devotional book is not a cliché or a catchy step by step for you to read and enjoy; but it’s a book where we come together to combat the forces of darkness in high places on behalf of the need of children.

This is not a parenting book of any sort. However, the focus is geared on praying for our children regardless how old they may be. As well as a devotional book for you to use on a day to day basis. Devotion is defined as prayers or religious observance."


Get Your Copy Today

"No limits, No Boundaries, but increase in Jesus name"

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Matthew 25: 40 "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

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